“In this age of political nastiness, we need leaders who are thoughtful, informed, engaged, and approachable. I want to learn and search for solutions, not simply the next soundbite.”

Greg’s Priorities

Invest in Higher Education

It’s time for Missouri to reinvest in itself to build the infrastructure and spur the development of technology and the jobs for the future. That must include a stronger investment in our young people through higher education at all levels. Investment in projects that can help spur development from fields as seemingly diverse as science, technology, agriculture transportation infrastructure, and the arts. Greg believes we must work together to build on our strengths and improve upon our weaknesses in order to have a brighter tomorrow.

Protect LGBT Rights

As one of only a handful of openly LGBT elected officials in Missouri, Greg knows firsthand the importance of passing the Missouri Non-Discrimination Act (MONA). The fact that someone in our state can still legally be fired from a job, kicked out of an apartment, or denied food at a restaurant simply because of who they love is unacceptable. We have made great progress on this issue in the House of Representatives. With your help, Greg looks forward to passing MONA in the State Senate.

Reduce Gun Violence

Gun violence is an epidemic in our state and our nation. Whether it be gun violence on our streets, from a domestic abuser, or a random act of violence, we must find a way to come together and tackle this problem. Greg has stood firm in the House in support of reasonable, common sense gun legislation, and he will continue to do the same as our Senator.