Meet Greg

About Greg

Greg is a lifelong Missourian; the grandson of a farmer, the son of a public school teacher, a graduate of the University of Missouri. Greg was raised on a cotton farm in the Missouri Bootheel, one of the most impoverished parts of our state. He then moved to Columbia to attend college at the University of Missouri. Yet it’s here in Kansas City where Greg has made his home since 2001 – a Kansas Citian by choice.

From here in Kansas City, Greg has spent his professional career fighting for the progressive causes we hold dear. Whether working to ensure all Missourians are treated equally under the law, fighting to ensure everyone has access to affordable healthcare, or advocating to ensure our city continues to grow and prosper – Greg has been an effective voice throughout his career, including his time working for US Senator Claire McCaskill, and his tenure in the Missouri House of Representatives. With your help, Greg will take his voice and experience and put himself to work for us in the Missouri Senate.

Why Greg Is Running

Greg believes Missouri’s brightest days lie ahead of us. It wasn’t that long ago that people viewed Kansas City as a cow town, or simply fly over country. Because we believed and invested in ourselves, we’re now a city on the rise with a national reputation for innovation, culture, and a forward-looking attitude.

There’s no doubt that, thanks to leadership in Jefferson City, the state of Missouri is heading in the wrong direction. Those in control of our government continue to attack working people, a woman’s right to choose, and our LGBT community. Tackling the issue of gun safety, both in our streets and random mass shootings, is never allowed. And funding for everything from higher education to worker pay continues to move in a downward trend. Things have to change.

However, Greg still believes in Missouri and the people of our state. Greg grew up in rural Missouri. He received his college education from the University of Missouri. He has been an active Kansas Citian since 2001. Greg knows this state, every corner of it. With your help, Greg will take the energy and enthusiasm we have built here in Kansas City and share that with our neighbors to work together to build a better, stronger, Show Me state.

The 7th District